Replacing School Bullying with Caring, Kindness and Courage

Schools and communities are starting “anti-bullying” or bully prevention programs. Instead of trying to eliminate negative behaviors, leaving an empty void, schools and communities should be teaching students how to replace it with positive behaviors and attitudes. Teaching students kindness, caring, and courage is as important part of the curriculum as is writing, math and history. These character traits should not be simply a project for the month but emphasized continually in many ways throughout the curriculum and in the school building itself. Banners should be displayed prominently throughout the school in hallways, cafeteria, gym and other classrooms saying “Caring and Kindness Zone.” When students are steadily indoctrinated that Caring, Kindness, and Courage (to tell bullies to leave the victim alone), there is less time and emphasis on bullying.
This includes practicing Caring Kindness and Courage in homes too. Parents should receive communication from the school or auxiliary organizations like PTO or PTA telling what they can teach at home that aligns with the school Caring, Kindness and Courage Program.
When you focus on just eliminating any negative behavior or habit you are doomed for failure because you are only doing half the job. Your efforts are not complete until you have the person you are trying to reform, replace that negative behavior with something stronger and positive.


About billg17

I have been a school counselor since 1994 in California until 2007 then in Arizona. I also am a licensed marriage and family therapist in California and hold an associate MFT license in Arizona. Iam passionate about kids, politics and sports and you may see blogs about any of the three in the future on this site.
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